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This is Angle from Shenzhen Splendid Garment Co.,Ltd .I would like to share my successful case of a sample proofing order .I think ,It is a surprising experience because of the insistence ,Stella , who comes from Slovakia ,is my second customer in the company .I got Stella's inquiry of Sports T-shirt in 1 st November. And , the sample S order are confirmed in 26th. November. To begin with ,I replied  Stella's inquiry with a developing Letter , But,I didn't get her reply until my second email on 7th Nov.I think she was attracted by our free sample .Then,I got her T-shirt design profile . our negotiation start from free sample issue .She accept our T-shirt unit price without bargaining ,This just make me a bit happy. At the same time,I was trying to convince her to make a accurate custom sample for checking the fabric quality and printing workmanship. She agreed with me. I feel much happy of that . Meanwhile ,I start to keep Stella as my potential customer .Next,I was writing emails to confirm more details from Stella .I'm aware that her each emails writing in polite ,specific but in brief without any niggling .I think a writing can do a reaction from someone's personality. However,Its progress a bit beyond my anticipation .In the following week , I get out of touch with her by mail,  even I haven't get any other available contact from her . I was anxious and upset ,and thinking about game over. But ,I insisted on chase several emails but didn't get any response .To my surprised , I got her reply after 10 days later. just glad to know that she was on traveling in Italy,so didn't check my emails ,Luckily ,Stella still remember our discussion .. Finally ,The sample proofing order confirmed . So far , the custom samples were finished , and sent out last few days ago , I just waiting for feedback from Stella ...

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