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Pure cotton

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Cotton fabric with cotton as raw material, through the loom, weft yarn by vertical and horizontal and interwoven fabric. At present, according to the actual processing of cotton sources and the distinction between the original cotton fabric and cotton fabric.
Cotton fabric is divided into:
1, color: white cloth, ordinary fine cloth, canvas, denim, twill fabric, color cloth.
2, color: blue cloth, Mobu, sulfide sulfide blue, grey cloth, Shilin Shilin color poplin, colored card card, various Chinese.
3, all kinds of dyeing cloth, color and pattern of the fabric. Such as: plain cloth, printing, printing, printing twill Satin serge.
4, color: it is the yarn or thread after dyeing, after the machine woven cloth such as a cloth, cloth, velvet, sheets, decorative cloth.
Characteristics of pure cotton fabric:
1, the hygroscopicity of cotton fiber has better moisture absorption, under normal circumstances, fiber to the atmosphere around can absorb moisture, the moisture content is 8-10%, so it contact the skin, makes people feel soft and stiff. If the cotton cloth humidity increases, the ambient temperature is higher, the water content of the fiber will all evaporate to disperse, make the fabric keep water balance condition, make the person feel comfortable.
2, moisturizing: because the cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, heat conduction coefficient is very low, because the cotton fiber itself has a porous, high elastic fiber can accumulate a large number of advantages, between air and air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so the cotton fiber product has good moisturizing ability, wearing cotton fabric clothes make people feel warm.
3, heat resistance: good heat resistance of pure cotton, at 110 centigrade below, will only cause the fabric of moisture evaporation, the fiber is not damaged, so the cotton fabric under normal temperature, wearing, washing and dyeing have no effect on the fabric, thus to improve the wearability of durable washable cotton fabrics.
4, alkali resistance: resistance to the cotton fiber base is large, cotton fiber in alkali solution, fiber damage phenomenon does not occur, the performance of the pollution to take after washing, disinfection impurities, but also for dyeing, printing and various kinds of processing technology for cotton textiles, new varieties to produce more cotton.
5, hygiene: cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, there are a small amount of wax like material and nitrogen content and fruit gum. Pure cotton fabric inspection and practice in many ways, the fabric and skin contact without any stimulation, no negative effect, long wear on the human body beneficial harmless, good health performance.
Cotton clothes also have many shortcomings.
1 easy to wrinkle, and wrinkles after more difficult to heal.
2 easy to shrink, the shrinkage of cotton clothing is 2% to 5%, after special processing, or wash water treatment exception.
3 cotton clothes are easy deformation, easy deformation, especially in summer, because the fabric is thin.

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