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International fashion trends in the fall of 2016

Author: CherryPopularity: Time: 16/09/08from:

In the autumn of 2016, simple retro style blowing more intense, had to admit that this is a retrospective of the classical era, at the same time, the designer for the traditional single product to modern elements combined with hitherto unknown, exquisite art aesthetics, to create the unique catwalk series.
1. Beauty of simplicity
Strong incoming simplicity of the wind in the winter quarter, long H shaped smooth lines, simple cut everywhere show capable neat.

2. Gorgeous velvet
Gorgeous velvet winter has been an indispensable role, dress, coat or pants can easily deduce.

3. Flowing metal
The luxury of the gold and silver silk blended fabric is reflected by the flow of flashing, mainly used in the dress and jacket, passing out a young fashion attitude.

4. Fine stripes
Bold, bright and colorful stripes is one of the most active elements and printing, in addition to the common geometric fringes, and the fringe is a stack of morphological variation of pandemic elements. Whether horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, showing a female sweet and lively temperament.

5. Tassels
Tassel enlivened catwalk, slender pendant shape is a key trend. With the stiff coat and skirt tassel to add silk clever temperament, neat, dense bottom line or longer cleverly arranged on create a dynamic charm.

6. Skirt pants
With the coming wave of skirt pants, loose pants 16 fashion week in the perfect combination of trousers and skirt, the whole show a sense of arbitrary whims. At the same time, 8 new a new season of bellbottoms and more ankle length, a new way of continuation of retro fashion wind.

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