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A garment factory boiler explosion in Bangladesh

Author: IvyPopularity: Time: 16/09/12from:

Located near the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, a clothing accessories factory boiler explosion occurred on the 10th in the morning and cause a fire, the accident killed 18 people, injured dozens of people.
Police said the incident, the factory is located 20 km north of Dhaka, East Kyrgyzstan Industrial Zone, part of the building collapsed plant accidents, or people trapped where the injured have been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, the death toll could increase. The local government has launched an investigation on the accident.
Bangladesh garment industry developed, it is the second largest clothing exporter in the world. Dhaka garment factory buildings and the surrounding area, but poor safety record, frequently major accidents.
November 25, 2012, a Dhaka garment factory fire in the northwest, killing at least 120 people were killed. April 24, 2013, on the outskirts of Dhaka, a number of garment factories to be used in building collapse, resulting in thousands of deaths.

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