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The beauty hide in XIHU lake

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With G20 summit Openning in Hangzhou,China Silk Museum in Hangzhou Jade Emperor on the mountain, have readied to open ,although it has been a whole year without any news. One year later this week, curator Zhao Feng telephone call to reporters: August 27, we will exhibit hall is completed, ready to open, to meet everyone's arrival.
    A few days before the reporter walked into the renovated Silk Museum. faced with the refurbishment of the museum and the museum of various beautiful clothes and shoes, she cried with excitement.
Reporter says she ran for five years SIBO, the impression has been the traditional, vintage, professional. But this time she s have not read enough for two days, her eyes simply can not stop.
Because SIBO turned into another person, location arranged very Boomers.
The new museum is dazzling fashion, into the China Pavilion, West Pavilion, as well as temporary exhibition hall. Here is the vegetable block before, now turned into a new fashion museum.
China Fashion Museum
Eileen Chang curators took very topic: changing mind. SIBO has been doing all these years of fashion: the end of year will do annual fashion retrospective, do five years, but not many people have been known.
Beijing also attended their 20-year review Fashion Art Exhibition. She quietly accumulated Fashion veins and contacts, the drying out of the big bang, the little people scared to: actually received so many leading designers masterpiece.
Exceptions headed designer, Mark. It houses her famous "Terracotta Warriors."
21 years ago, 23 years old, she just graduated from university, and occasionally participated in the Second Brother Cup (later renamed Hempel Cup) International Young Fashion Designers Contest.
And occasionally turn to a group of terracotta warriors and horses in the library picture, do a set of shirt, took the gold medal results.
"Terracotta Warriors" Let Mark famous. Two years later, she and her husband founded the then "exceptional."
Gold Cup brothers all these years the works are by hiding in Sibo Hall.
From this game out of the designer, are now large coffee, for example, the first gold medal winner of Wu Haiyan, also in Hangzhou, the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts teacher.
Guo Pei has been a very fire, she has four representatives also been incorporated into the shop, this "Waterlilies", 2010 creation, Zhou Tao presided over the show through.

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