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This is rocky, an exclusive foreign sales from Shenzhen Splendid Garment Co., Ltd.Here shares the story of clinch a deal with my Polan customer-Grzegorz.

I received the inquiry from Grzegorz at 18:45 on 16th / July this year.Asked a serious of questions, such as packing, sample, delivery time, HS code.I was happen to work overtime that evening and answered this inquiry in detail in time.The coming day I sent him the quoation list attached with the fabric card. Then he e-mailed me asked what style we can do, told me that he need 100pcs clothes for tests, 50pcs for men, 50pcs for women, and I quoted him the unit price for 100pcs and the air freight to Poland. Then he said, can accept freight, but price only accept 3USD / piece. He stressed that my T-shirts are trying to print and build quality so do not sell them.Planned purchases in one transport will be 8000-10.000 pieces. I told him for 100pcs the price 5.8USD is not high, as we at least need to buy two rolls fabric .For smalll orders we have no ways to cut down the cost, so the unit price can not be cut down.Hope you can understand.

Grzegorz said he want to order T-shirts with the production that is done, and not specifically for us to produce. Any sizes (mix) color white.This t-shirt for testing designs for clients.I said we will not have so many stock for 100pcs, we just have several that other customer production order leftover.If you need 100pcs, we still need to buy fabric and produce.

From 23th/July to 2ND/Sept.,over at least one month no news from him, I thought this customer like other customers, has already down the drain.

On 23th/Sept,suddenly received an e-mail from him:”Hi Bella, We are preparing an offer for RemaDays 2015, the largest trade fair in Poland advertising.We need a test batch of t-shirts, before ordering a quantity of approx 10000 pcs We want to choose one partner, but we need high-quality goods and timely delivery.As the price for the amount of the test.White T-shirt Polyester mix of sizes (men and women)100 pcs.200 pcs.300 pcs.500 pcs.The cost of transport to Polish (air transport). What time do.” I gave him back the price for 100,200,300,500 pieces and air freight to Poland accoringdly. After the quotation that week and no news like before, on 11th/Sept. I wrote him an e-mail and asked about the status , then he asked me a series of questions.The coming days, he will asked a question by every e-mail and I answered him accordingly serious .

After a series of negotiations and persuasion, Grzegorz finally agreed to our payment terms and determine to do 100pcs as a trial order first.

Grzegorz got the goods on 20th/Nov. He must take the test first.On 25th/Nov., he asked me to advise the Dimension and Gross weight for 8000 pcs T-shirts. Obviously, the test results is good.

Later he also asked a lot of questions, and I gave him quotation list for EXW and FOB price, after a few emails bargain price, came to a deal,forwarded the PI and Grzegorz arranged payment immediately. A few days later, we receipted the deposit.

Throughout the negotiation process, I answered every question seriously, patiently and timely.Advise effective solutions to relieve the customer’s anxiety. The first trial order well done, the second order is very simple. Continue to follow up the customer instead of always pushing the customer.


 Through investigation the background of this customer, found him is a high-quality customer.

Hope Grzegorz will give me continuous orders, and hope through my continuous efforts and continuous accumulation,I can get a breakthrough in my sales of road .

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