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It was a beatiful Tuseday,which day I received the jacket sample request,7 days after I got his inquiry.

I’m lucky.Though short time,only 4 emails,I got so much.

What I did were that I guided the customer to order to me.Only All consideration for the customer,you can succeed.

On 19th Nov,I received an inquiry from Sam,my American client.Then I replyed ,and second email to confirm the logo file with him,because the logo looks like been cut,not complete.But he said yes.Then we go on.

What I think it as my faith,you must do more rather than he will tell what you should do. So two iterms ,with pictures and prices were advised for him to choose.And naturally he choosed one,no other request.Then color, logo printing with a preview picture,which made by our designer.What she did was to put the pdf file on the jacket,then I sent it to him.But it was the reason why he asked me to send invoice to him,he can see the effect of the logo on the jacket directly. 

Then we go on with details.We made the sample for him.Took photo for him.But he found a question that his logo not complete.That’s a big question-He sent me wrong logo file!He realized it was wrong untill when the sample had been done.So I called him,conmunicated with him,advised that I would to send the sample to him,they checked the sample quality except the uncomplete logo.Finally, he agreed with my suggestion.

Sample was sent to him a few days ago.Now I am waiting for his new email.I know ,it will be an order.

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