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I want to say is that I with Canada Customer Stories 

May I get his new inquiry about 1000 pcs of security hi vis jackets, sort of a small amount of the transaction is about $ 30,000.

Midway through the discussion design, makeing sample, secondary samples. Finally, just when the sample is confirmed in July, when we held PK game sales. To Complete business goals can be a gift they want.

July customers expressed satisfaction with our samples. Then there is the reminder of the goods orders stage.

Everything looks so good. When I was secretly delighted in the heart, waiting for the time to close the deposit. There are a few reminders midway through the customer to pay a deposit.

One day in the morning to open the mail, the company's head wrote me an e-mail, roughly the price of our content is beyond his imagination, our price than the other one he felt good supplier  expensive five dollars. To stop all payments to us, and so this project to be put off. Contacting with  me before that person is gone, traded their boss to talk to me, in front of this message, I think the whole morning on how to respond. First, to inform him of the reasons for the price of your product is what material used. Quality is top quality in the peer. We will re-look for cheaper freight forwarder, for another reference material prices to him.

Two days after a mail client back attitude did the first message so tough. Insist on using good material to do, but he hope we can be cheaper price. I told my boss that day to discuss a minimum price, our boss agreed to the original price can be less on the basis of two dollars. But I gave him back a message informing him that a unit price can be less one dollar. Across the three days he did not reply.

Seeing the PK would be deadline day, wrote him a message has not seen him back. Fortunately, they have to leave your phone no. 


So the next week I was a day with three calls to them, because the difference between time that Canada with us with14 hours, all my daily 23:00 to give them a fight one, 2:00, 8:00 in the morning, before contact with me leaving the customer landline connection every time the front desk. But I have a cell phone his boss, he turned all sorted out, then I have not turned into say hello, he knew I was PINK, in my frequent phone calls, and finally in the last day of my PK gave me a 50% deposit.

It was an unforgettable experience

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