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The story between me and Adam, my Australian poor customer friend, began on September 30th, actually he inquired about 50 t shirts at first, I told him that we could do this number, and we were going to have the National Day in the following five days.                                                                                                                                                                              

After the National Day, when I got back to work on October 6th, I found he had sent me a email on the evening of the 30th , telling he need at least 100 t shirts and all the detailed demands of the shirts, and saying that all quotation need to be submitted before close of business Monday 6th October 2014,from his formal email, I thought this customer was of high quality, and I was really lucky to catch the bus on the last day, then after check I told him immediately that we could do the target price he offered, I thought he should contact me soon, but after a week, even no reply, I thought maybe this customer was “dead” already.

To my surprise, Adam was back on October 15th, he emailed me about the sample cost, then we continued talking about the shirts, and he inquired about hats at the same time, but finally we didn’t make it about the shirts, for 100 shirts ,he wanted so many sizes and colors, then I knew he is a man of problems, but since I had talked so much with him, I really didn’t want to have no result, so I went on to talk about the hats with him.

About the hats, at first I took pictures of our stock hats for his reference of the hat design, the way of changing began, he kept changing his designs, finally he made sure the design, and then about the price, he was also very wayward, he always tried to get the lowest price, but also of high quality, this was really a hard thing to handle, we negotiated about the price for almost a week, and no result, he increased his demands, it was really impossible to satisfy according to my experience, I hoped he can understand, but he told me he gave up, woo,  I really couldn’t believe this, I was actually very angry, but  I just said it’s OK, good luck! I knew he would go back to me.

Not a surprise, he came back again one week later, told me  he would continue talking with  me about the hats in December, I told him we may couldn't help him in December, we shall be very busy then, he slipped again, never mind, I kind of knew him now, he shall be back soon I guessed.

Three days later, he was not back yet, days passed, November was going to end, and I still wanted him to help me in the November PK, then I told him if he still kept in the place, I’ll be really hurt, then I just waited him, to my comfort, he paid the last day, on the 30th.

Recalling the whole thing, the process is hard, I talked with him for 2 months, finally he just made sure the order of 100 hats, now I just hope he can do better and better, and we can win –win.

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