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This rocky from shenzhen splendid garment co.,ltd ,the diagram is a picture of me and my clients.we quoted the FOB Shenzhen price to him but the price is with something wrong.becasue we need to make the Qutation is FOB Shenzhen,the wrong was begining here -when we calculate the FOB price,we forget to transform RMB to USD .so we make the first qutation near about 4.7 USD and the really price is about 4.25 USD.When we let he know about the 4.7USD ,he was very suprised ,becasue he compared the price with the 10 thousand polo 3.4 USD we make the qutation in the first time.We totally can understand him,and made him clear,he can not accept the price of 4.7USD and threaten me ,will choose another factory,im afraid if this happened,so we told him ,we will apply a good price for him and contact him tomorrow .

In the morning of 18th Sept ,he was very nice say hello and asking the price to me,i dont want say yes directly and told him our boss was at the meeting,so he keep waiting...... and when 9.50am we started this bargaining: he want to get lower price.so we give he 4.56 USD directly this time,and emphasize this price is not easy to get.then we know his target price was around 4 USD.we can still remember 4.25 USD are bottom price.so ..... he asking me about 3.9 USD-4.49USD-4.5USD-4.53USD .we still insist 4.56 USD,finally ,i told him "we can accept 4.55 USD if you can paid 30% down payment in today" he was very happy to accept this time and let me make the PI........So ,we received his 30% down payment 4100 USD after one week.

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